Religion Division

Never before have the contradictions between modern man’s knowledge and intellect clashed so violently against the dead hand of the past. The old religions of the Dying Gods have faded against the stars of the Equinox, and yet their influence still drags our species back to the caves we so bravely ventured from.

As humanity, we are stretched between the infinite Gulf spanning the superstitions of irrational prophets and the discoveries of reason, science, and, above all, mathematics. A new paradigm is required: a discontinuous and evolutionary leap to a new world order.

The Torah, Bible, and Koran lie as discredited fairy tales told by mad and bearded prophets at the bottom of the incinerator of Reason…just waiting for the spark that will ignite the cleansing fire! Instead of stories designed to keep humanity groveling on its knees to an unseen Torture God, we will create new stories that will inspire us to reach to the stars, to actualize our potentials and to become divine ourselves.

Our goal is to take the reins of the grand narrative to elicit a paradigm shift of ideas and a revolution of mankind’s consciousness. Through the cleansing fire of our Reason, Intellect, and Creativity the old books of superstition and fear will burn, and a new religion of Hyperrational Pythagorean Illuminism will evolve via the dialectical process. We are the authors of our own destinies. We control the narrative, and we will accept no less than divinity for each and all.