Psychology Division

Psychology division deals with the construction of a healthier state of mind for both the individual and society as a whole; a state characterized by a heightened sense of awareness of events unfolding in both the external (social, political) and internal (personal) worlds.

The current psychology of the world is based upon a master-slave system where individuals are fitted into a power and status hierarchy. The powerful and selfish are masters at applying psychology in a manner that is detrimental to the individual: subliminal plants, confirmation bias, fundamental attribution errors, cognitive dissonance, framing, brain washing techniques, classical and operant conditioning are but a handful of tactics that they use to ensure willing compliance on the part of most of humanity. It is our mission in Psych division to unravel the myriad forms of psychological manipulation that are used by the current power structure to confuse and conceal the agenda of the selfish.

The main objective of the division is to provide the necessary educational and psychological foundations for a person to become an autonomous, healthy, and rational individual intent on raising the quality and standard of living for the betterment of society. This is achieved partly through designing and implementing dialectical education programs for children and adults that focus on self-empowerment in the context of society as a whole through nurturing and encouraging positive liberty, sel -actualization, virtuous happiness, and altruism as the pinnacles of achievement in the individual.