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The Movement has a very simple aim … to reboot the world.  Let’s start again, and let’s get it right this time.  All of the old systems of control and privilege must be swept away.  The rich have had their day.  The elites have no interest in public service, only in self-service.

Generational fairness, equal opportunities and anti-privilege must be enshrined in the Constitution itself.

It’s time to start again. It’s time to reset the operating system, to wipe out all the junk that has accumulated in the world memory. It’s time to reboot the World.

Want to get involved with the Movement Rebooted? …and begin the journey of a lifetime.The Movement Rebooted is strictly for activists only.  Anything not connected with activism gets ignored.The Movement Rebooted is intended to grow organically, dialectically and meritocratically.  It will start off simply, doing basic things, and become more sophisticated as time goes on.  People from every background and every part of the world are welcome – providing they can make a meritocratic contribution.  Current and recent students are particularly welcome.  If the students of the world aren’t motivated to shape the world rationally and on the basis of merit, education and hard work then the world has no future … it will never be free of its controllers.

The rich have never shown the slightest compunction about trampling over everyone else to get what they want.  What are you going to do about it?  No one’s coming to save you.  If you don’t get rid of the rich, you will be second class citizens, living in their shadow, forever.

For you to flourish, the rich must cease to flourish.  Everything they do is for their benefit, not yours.  They have no interest in your success, only in your failure.  As Gore Vidal said, “It is not enough to succeed.  Others must fail.”  For the rich to keep succeeding, it’s essential that no one ever challenges their power.  For them to maintain a competitive advantage, they need to ensure that you are competitively disadvantaged.  They deliberately destroy your potential so that they can maximize theirs.  Are you going to let them get away with it?

If you don’t stand up for yourself, who else will?  What are you waiting for?  Permission?  Take control of your own life!!!

Get Real.

Get Active.

Get Going.


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You are the change in the world. If you don't change, the world won't change.

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