Radicalism Division

With human consumption at unsustainable levels, we see the beginning of the end of our post-industrial way of life. An inevitable tipping point is emerging, and the stakes couldn’t be higher. Will humanity unravel into total chaos, or will the collapse trigger a new golden age?

The Radical Division is channeling its efforts to replace the current system with a more sustainable model that renders the present paradigm obsolete. We see firsthand, the inevitable change as flashpoints in the Middle East and Eastern Europe escalate into all-out war. The rising tensions between the East and West underscore the futility behind the attempts by the powers-that-be to seize what is left of our dwindling resources.

The Radical Division is already ahead of the game, promoting viable solutions that will enable humanity to make the transition to a more sustainable model. We are providing a global voice for those radical artists, scientists, inventors, and visionaries marginalized and suppressed under the heel of the Old World Order.

Under our guidance, these radicals will instill in humanity a renewed purpose that will ignite into an all-out revolutionary cultural, economic, and scientific renaissance based on the principles of Illuminism as outlined by Mike Hockney. We are on the front lines, facilitating humanity’s next giant evolutionary leap forward.