Politics Division

The political faction of The Movement Rebooted (TMR) seeks to use ontological mathematics as a means of creating a more perfect social, economic, and political system. We will use rational political and systemic measures to ensure that equality takes precedence. We will ensure the most meritorious of society are rewarded fairly and we will use resource-based economic measures to ensure that human rights such as food, clothing, and shelter are provided to all.

The four pillars of the Politics Division of TMR represent “Meritocracy” as the political system, “Social Capitalism” as the economic system, “Education Reform” to create free thinkers, and “Wealth Redistribution” by means of Inheritance Tax reform and reasonable wage floors and ceilings.

Members of the Politics Division work on specialized projects to bring illumination to relevant subject areas. In addition, we are the minds and the agents of change. We will use the crowd-sourced work-products to increase our power and leverage this information to change the psyche of society through events, journals, blogs, books, and videos.

We seek high performers who are free thinkers and without dogma, who have a passion for illumination and change. If you are looking for a way to change the social, political, and economic reality in which we live, then reach out to us through this site.